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Expression of Interest

General Requirements: 

  1. Understand and aware on the multi-dimensionality of ESG and of sustainability topics fundamental to businesses, investors, regulators and other stakeholders of interest.

  2. Aware, understand, and able to participate in various ESG/sustainability related assessments and adaptable to the management of stakeholders engagement specific to the company.

  3. Able to eloquently communicate, collaborate, and generate partnership with all external and internal stakeholders on the company's ESG and sustainability interests, initiatives, objectives, programs, materiality, and rollout.

  4. Understand and aware about different ESG and sustainability frameworks and standards including, but not limited to, Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Guide, GRI, Value Reporting Foundation (VRF) consisting of Integrated Reporting and SASB, ISSB, TCFD, Science Based Target, and etc.

  5. Aware, understand, and have interest on the carbon assessment, management, and reporting according, but not limited to, GHG Protocol and ISO14060 standards. Other good to have knowledge include Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality, and Carbon Offsetting topics. 

  6. Able to provide sound and professional advise pertaining to topics in ESG and sustainability to all level of stakeholders including the senior management and board of directors.

  7. Able to develop, identify, plan, support, and introduce  ESG and/or sustainability framework, policy, planning, and strategies.

  8. Adaptable and agile in working with various clients in various industries and understand their specific needs on their ESG prioritisations and requirements.

  9. Able to work in a demanding and fast-pace consulting environment while delivering quality output to the clients.  

Position Requirements:

  1. Educational Background: Minimum degree with inclusion of sustainability related courses. 

  2. Associates: 1 - 3 years experience in ESG and/or sustainability.

  3. Sr. Associates: 3 - 5 years experience in ESG and/or sustainability.

  4. Asst. Manager: 5 - 8 years experience in ESG and/or sustainability. 

  5. Manager: More than 8 years experience in ESG and/or sustainability. 

Expression of Interest

Company Reg. No: 201301007517
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