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Our Projects

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ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

Alongside with our strategic partners, we provided ESG Awareness training to companies across Malaysia and in the region for their employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

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ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

On top of awareness training, we provided training/workshop for C-Suites which involved in depth discussions on ESG relevancy to their decision-making and corporate strategies planning.

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ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

ESG Associates had included itself as one of the strategic partners for ESG Malaysia alongside the likes of Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIAM), Curtin University Malaysia, and many more to pursue and collaborate on ESG agenda in Malaysia.

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GHG Accounting Project

ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

We are collaborating with one of our partner to work on a long-term project to measure and quantify their client's business-wide GHG emissions across multiple subsidiaries according to the GHG Protocol and ISO Standards.

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ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

To provide clients with wide range of services, ESG Associates had partnered up with several strategic solutions' providers on ESG & sustainability therefore leveraging on each other expertise and networks to give quality and professional advisory.

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Packaging LCA Assessment

ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

Together with one of our partner, we were appointed by a manufacturing company in Melaka to conduct assessment, measurement, and quantification for the life cycle of their products in accordance to both ISO 14067 and ISO 14040. 

Crushed Plastic Bottles

Plastic Recycling 

ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

This project based in Johor is in collaboration with one of our partner to work on the measure and quantification of their direct client's GHG emissions using ISO Standards and to conduct LCA assessment on their products.

Recycled Cardboard

Waste Management Company

ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

Similar to the plastic recycling project, we are working with the same partner for a waste management company in Selangor to quantify their GHG emissions from their operation in accordance to ISO 14060.

Steel tubular works

Integrated Manufacturing Company

ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

Together with our other partner, we were appointed by a manufacturing company in Selangor to conduct full ESG services including training, strategizing, and eventually reporting of their sustainability transformation as part of their Bursa's listing.  


Sustainable Event Management

ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

Together with our partners and certification's verifiers, we are providing event's organizers in Malaysia and around the region services pertaining to sustainable event management in accordance to ISO 20121.

Stock Exchange Market

Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

Together with our technological partner, we are working with a client in Spain to work on their SFDR project on determining whether their funds comply with the SFDR framework.

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Carbon Credit Projects

ESG Associates Sdn Bhd

We are excited to be involved in two carbon credit projects for Verra certification together with three of our partners in which we would be looking at generating credits from seaweed as well as from carbon farming. 

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