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ESG Advisory & Consultancy

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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are becoming increasingly important as businesses become more responsible for their impact on the environment and society. ESG issues can encompass a wide range of topics, from climate change to human rights. 


There are a number of ways for businesses to become more aware of their ESG issues and address them responsibly. First, businesses can develop a comprehensive ESG strategy. This includes identifying key issues and goals, developing priorities and setting targets, and creating plans to achieve these goals. They can also use tools such as environmental audits to assess the impact of their operations on the environment.

Overall, ESG issues are becoming increasingly important for businesses. By taking steps to develop a comprehensive ESG strategy and take action to address key issues, businesses can help ensure that their operations have a positive impact on the environment, society, and governance. We at ESG Associates know that the initial steps can be daunting therefore, we have the professional to help businesses with their ESG transformation.

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Our services in ESG Advisory & Consultancy include:


  • ESG/Sustainability Reporting

  • Gaps Identification

  • Operationalization

  • Supply Chain Readiness

  • Assurance (in Partnership with your choice of certification partners)

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