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Net Zero / Carbon Neutrality


The growing trend of net zero and carbon neutrality is gaining traction as an important way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and create a more sustainable future.

Businesses of all sizes are taking the pledge to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions. By committing to these goals, companies can help preserve the environment and protect public health. Climate change creates more severe weather disasters, health challenges and limits access to resources like fresh water and food. Plus, it leads to higher levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere which threatens our future.

By pursuing net zero emissions and carbon neutrality, businesses can help the environment while creating a healthier and more sustainable future for themselves and their employees.

Net Zero: To achieve net zero emissions, a business must use less energy than it takes to create the greenhouse emissions they produce through activities like heating, cooling, transportation and power usage.

Carbon Neutrality: Carbon neutrality is the goal of removing net greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere to achieve an overall balance that does not create more climate change. To reach carbon neutrality, businesses have to reduce the amount of energy used and the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, then offset any remaining emissions by purchasing carbon offsets that reduce an equal amount of emissions somewhere else in the world.

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The trend of net zero and carbon neutrality is growing, so businesses of all sizes should consider taking the pledge to increase their impact.


We at ESG Associates can help your organizations to create strategies for increased sustainability practices especially when you begin your path towards Net Zero or Carbon Neutrality and earn recognition from third-party accreditation programs for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our services include:

  • Issues Identification

  • Roadmap Design

  • Operationalization

Let us help you be a part of the solution and make your business more sustainable.

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