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Outsourcing can be of a great help to an organization when you need the experts but, do not have the internal individuals nor budgets to hire the team for that particular work. We realized that not every company can hire a team of ESG/sustainability professional to manage their company ESG/sustainability requirements, therefore, we understands that this could be of a burden which we believe, should not be a barrier for you to do business. By outsourcing your ESG/sustainability team, you could be sure that we would be able to support you and your organizations as you start your ESG/sustainability journey. 

ESG Associates have not only the expertise but, the team as well to support your company's sustainability initiatives, programs, strategies development, and even communicating your expectations and values to your internal and external stakeholders. We provide three tiers of outsourcing service to our clients consisting of different levels such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Have a look on the different services offered under these tiers and to our future clients who wants to inquire on creating a bespoke outsourcing service exclusive to their organization, feel free to talk with us!

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Our Outsourcing Services


Bronze Tier

  • Sustainability / ESG awareness training.

    • Provide a training session on Sustainability / ESG for Board or management.

  • Establishing company's risks and opportunities.

    • Carry out Sustainability / ESG gap analysis.

  • Annual Sustainability Reporting in accordance to Bursa Securities and Listing Requirements.

    • Develop Sustainability / ESG data management and reporting.

    • Coordinate Sustainability / ESG reporting.

    • Liaise with Bursa on Sustainability / ESG matters.


Silver Tier

  • Include all services provided in the Bronze Level.

  • Stakeholder engagement for materiality assessment.

    • Support materiality assessment and engagement process.​

    • Support internal and external stakeholders’ engagement.

  • Corporate Governance Matters.​​​​

    • Review Board or management responsibilities, composition and remuneration.

    • Review risk management structures.

    • Review training needs for identified risk and opportunities.

  • Advisory to the Board or Management in delivering Sustainability Goals.

    • Support Board as advisor and point of contact in terms of ESG knowledge and insight.

    • Support in translating Sustainability Goals and Objectives to intended and/or measurable outcomes.


Gold Tier

  • Include all services provided in the Bronze and Silver Level

  • Support CEO or Management in delivering Sustainability Goals.

    • Develop Sustainability / ESG strategies in line with business plans.​

    • Develop Sustainability / ESG initiatives, plans, and programs.

    • Lead or Chair Sustainability / ESG sub-committee, participate in taskforce and help shape agenda on embedding and operationalizing Sustainability / ESG to address risks and opportunities.

  • Communications

    • Internalize programs with employees to set the tone for culture and commitments.​

    • Coordinate public disclosures of any Sustainability / ESG communications.

Talk To Us

Every organization is unique and the services required are often different from one another. Talk to us on how we can support your organization's ESG and sustainability journey and for us to help you develop a bespoke service which can be tailored to your organization own needs. The first session is on us!

We'll get back to you soon!
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