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Sustainability Software

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Sustainability software can help businesses of all sizes to improve their environmental, social, and economic performance. It can help to  (1) reduce costs by supporting businesses to identify and reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and optimize their supply chains, (2) increase compliance by helping businesses to track and manage their compliance with ESG regulations, (3) improve reputation as consumers and investors are increasingly looking to do business with companies that are committed to sustainability, and (4) attract and retain employees whereby employees are more likely to want to work for companies that are committed to sustainability. 

Knowing this, we therefore, partnered up with a number of ESG software providers and among them is IBM through their IBM's Envizi software. Currently, ESG Associates is the only IBM's authorized Envizi service provider in Malaysia and we could help you to further integrate this software into your existing system if you are already using IBM's services. Depending on your budgets, we also partnered up with other software providers that can support your ESG journey. 

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Our services in Sustainability Software include:


  • ESG/Sustainability Reporting

  • ESG Dashboard

  • ESG Operationalization

  • Insights to ESG strategies

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